Philip Mellor

Managing Director

Philip has over 30 years experience in the Building Services Industry and has held senior management positions in the UK and overseas. He has worked both in the design and construction sectors and has an extensive knowledge of the building services requirements  for a broad spectrum of buildings. Amongst his design specialties are; metro and rail, retail malls, hotel & leisure facilities, sport stadiums, offices and data centres. A particular strength is in developing designs with buildability at their core, thereby minimizing ‘on site’ issues with the  coordination of services.


His ability to develop and lead design teams, utilizing culturally diverse engineers has produced successful projects worldwide in his career to date. Due to the varied nature of the developments he has been involved in, coupled with his commitment to energy efficient and environmentally responsible buildings, he is able to bring valuable experience to the design and implementation of any project.

Adrianne (Bobie) Poricallan

Mechanical Engineering Director

Bobie has 15 years’ experience in building services, chiefly in  mechanical engineering design but also with solid experience in project management.


He has been a design team leader, principal engineer, mechanical design manager for various multi-national design companies. He has worked on design, project management and construction for a wide range of projects including: hospitals, hotel & leisure facilities, offices, data centers, metro rail and high rise buildings.

Francis Loresco

Electrical Engineering Director

Francis is an electrical engineer with 13 years’ experience in the building services design industry. He has gained valuable expertise whilst working as team leader and principal electrical engineer on many projects covering design calculation, discrimination study and auxiliary systems.


He has been involved with detailed design development for several international projects including: hotel and leisure facilities, mixed used developments, offices, data centers and retail projects.