We provide engineering expertise and to be the best at what we do, we have to employ the best engineers in their field.

MEP office1 300x226 - AboutWe believe that if you treat your staff well, reward them well, give them respect and trust; they will repay you with commitment, diligence and in turn will put their trust in you.

We provide excellent office accommodation, state of the art IT and office equipment. We use the latest industry software and provide continual training and development for all of our partners. We work flexi-time to enable people to be at the office within their chosen times of the day.

But most importantly we provide the feeling of being part of a family, not just being a member of a company or team.

That is why Mellor Engineering Partners is able to provide MEPF designs with innovative thinking, using the latest technological advances in the industry. Whatever the building type or location, we have the most appropriate engineering solutions with energy efficiency and sustainability at their core.

What We Do

Mellor Engineering Partners (MEP Philippines) is a consultancy specializing in the design of building services for projects both in The Philippines and internationally. The company is primarily involved in the design of air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, electrical, fire protection services and vertical transportation. We can offer any level of service and involvement from 2D and 3D /BIM drafting to clients mark ups, As Installed drawings, engineering calculations, energy modelling through to a complete MEP design from concept including site supervision and commissioning management.

MEP office2 300x209 - AboutWhether your requirement be a single 2D CAD drawing or the design of a major development, each project and client is treated with equal importance and care.

Our involvement in projects throughout the world enables us to be at the forefront of Building Services Design innovation. This coupled with our commitment to energy efficient and environmentally sustainable designs means we can bring a wealth of expertise to your design team. We are however conscious that some projects have budgetary constraints and can therefore tailor designs to suit whatever level the construction  costs can accommodate.

A testament to our reputation and expertise is that a respected Philippine property development company has awarded us the full MEPF design on all of their projects for the past two years.